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Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver


Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

Everything is Easy at Ensign Pacific

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Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

Why a Jeep Cherokee

If there is one thing that is true about Vancouverites it is that they love an adventure. For some, that means trying a new coffee place, for others it's braving the edges of civilization. Regardless which group better describes you one thing remains true, a Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver makes a lot of sense. With features that are at home as readily on a mountain as they are in a parking lot, the Cherokee is for the driver who is looking to push boundaries and take chances, and if we've learned anything about you at all - that's you to a T. Finding a Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver might, at first blush, appear a daunting task.

There are lots of places that sell Jeeps, and they are not all created equally. Fortunately, the team at Ensign Pacific Chrysler are here to save the day! With a team that is honest, knowledgeable, and customer oriented, we know that we can find you the perfect Jeep Cherokee that's on budget and will keep your your sanity still intact. Come and see us at 216 West 2nd Avenue, 1st Floor in Vancouver or give us a call at (604) 257-8900 to book a test drive.

Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

Loaner Services with your jeep cherokee purchase

If your service will take more than 2 hours we will provide a complimentary loaner car. Visit us near North Vancouver today!

Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

Comfortable Lounge near north vancouver

Our newly renovated lounge has free Wi-Fi, coffee and snacks. Come check out our Jeep Cherokee collection today!

Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

Free Shuttle

Our complimentary shuttle service runs every half hour and will take you where you need to go.

Choose the Jeep Cherokee at Ensign Pacific Chrysler

Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

Let the Sunshine in!

The Jeep Cherokee has more than a few features that challenge what a compact SUV can be including optional advanced HID lighting and the available adaptive cruise control. Perhaps the most notable, however, is the available Commandview power sunroof. Now, a sunroof is usually not something that we include in the 'reasons to buy' - most cars have them, but once you get a look at the size of this absolute unit you will understand. It turns your compact SUV into a kind of observatory on wheels, and we promise you'll never go back.

Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

A Little Pocket of Peace

On the inside the Cherokee is all about bringing a little slice of civilization to wherever you decide to park. It is designed from the floor up to create a bubble of safety from the rigors of civilization or the literal claws of the denizens that reside outside of it. With available leather seats, an available 7-inch customizable display, and an award winning look and feel that is often imitated, but never surpassed, you'll feel like you have a little slice of Sunday left even in the middle of a Monday morning commute.

Ensign Pacific Chrysler - Safety First, Second, and Third

Safety First, Second, and Third

The Jeep Cherokee offers a host of top of the line safety features that help you do everything from staying in your lane to parallel parking and everything in between. Perhaps the best example of one of these features is the Forward Collision Warning system. The Cherokee monitors the traffic ahead of you and will engage the brakes if it senses an impending collision. When it comes to safety with the Cherokee - the future has arrived.

Ensign Pacific Chrysler - Come Down and See Us Today!

Come Down and See Us Today!

You deserve the very best in service and price, and without any fear of contradiction that is going to be our team here at Ensign Pacific Chrysler. We are the area experts on all things Jeep and with a top shelf selection, a team of dedicated and enthusiastic sales people, and a legacy of excellence that stretches back for years, this is the place to get a Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver. If you have to see it to believe it, please come down and see us. We can't wait to get started!

Welcome to Ensign Pacific Chrysler

At Ensign Pacific Chrysler, we take care of our customers and their vehicles. Whether it's your first time here and you're looking to buy something new, or you've been here many times and are having your car serviced, we treat you with the utmost care, which is exactly what you deserve. You'll discover an exceptional customer service experience, and we guarantee you'll be well taken care of when you choose Ensign Pacific Chrysler for all your vehicle needs. Feel free to speak to any of our sales staff with questions or concerns when it comes to buying a vehicle, they're happy to help and always here to serve you better. After all, we're easy to get to and easy to deal with. Everything is easy at Ensign Pacific. Visit us today at 216 West 2nd Avenue in Vancouver BC or call 604-257-8900.

Jeep Cherokee near North Vancouver

Our Customers Love Us

I had not intended to drive all the way into Vancouver from Langley, but am glad I did. It was well worth the long drive I immediately got the sense from George that he really had my best interest in mind in purchasing a vehicle. He was very thoughtful, knowledgeable, and professional. He was never pushy which is often the case, but at the same time he followed up in a respectful manner.

- Renee P.

Friendly staff. Ryan went above and beyond to help me get what I wanted. Highly recommend this dealership, will be returning for future vehicles.

- Charles C.

Had a great experience buying from Mark. Will definitely buy from here again. Love my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

- Jon M.

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