Save up to 20% on in stock 2022 RAM 1500 Today! Find Out More!!!

Save up to 20% on in stock 2022 RAM 1500 Today! Find Out More!!!

Jeep Parts near Burnaby


Jeep Parts near Burnaby

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When the rattle in your vehicle is a part that needs replacing, it can be a bit daunting having to go into the auto parts store and try and search for the right part from a catalogue that isn't exactly user friendly - not to mention then trying to find the part on those overstocked shelves. Ditch the aftermarket parts and come to Ensign Pacific Chrysler when you're looking for a great deal on Jeep parts near Burnaby. We'll get you set up with genuine OEM parts that will fit your vehicle like a glove, guaranteed.

Visit our Parts Department when you need parts, advice, or installation of replacement parts for your vehicle. We're always happy to help. You can reach us online, over the phone, or in person at 216 W 2nd Ave in Vancouver, BC.


Loaner Services

If your service will take more than 2 hours we will provide a complimentary loaner car.


Comfortable Lounge

Our newly renovated lounge has free Wi-Fi, coffee and snacks.


Free Shuttle

Our complimentary shuttle service runs every half hour and will take you where you need to go.

Why Choose Ensign Pacific Chrysler

Ensign Pacific Chrysler - Aftermarket Jeep Parts Need not Apply

Aftermarket Jeep Parts Need not Apply

We don't bother with aftermarket parts here at Ensign. Not at all. When you need Jeep parts near Burnaby, you're getting the very best OEM parts for your vehicle. Only OEMs fit your vehicle to the exact design specifications as the originals to keep your vehicle in top condition and on the road with you for longer.

Ensign Pacific Chrysler - Short Terms Gains Cause Long Term Pains

Short Terms Gains Cause Long Term Pains

Why wouldn't we want an aftermarket part in your vehicle? Simply put, you will save money in the short term with aftermarket parts, but none of that savings will amount to anything in the long term when those aftermarket parts break and cause far more damage than they're worth. The investment into genuine OEM parts will save you more in the long run.

Ensign Pacific Chrysler - Parts Experts near Burnaby

Parts Experts near Burnaby

Can't find the part you need? Just ask any of our Parts Department staff for assistance - it's what we're here for! We'll help you find the part you need and provide advice on how to install it. Still feeling a little lost? Bring your vehicle in and we'll install the part for you ourselves.

Ensign Pacific Chrysler - From the Convenience of Home

From the Convenience of Home

If you know what part you need and don't have a lot of time to come see us at Ensign Pacific Chrysler, you can order your parts from us online! Fill out our order form and we'll let you know when it's in for you to come and get. We're all about efficiency here at Ensign Pacific Chrysler.

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