Our Referral Program

Ensign Pacific Chrysler
New and Pre-Owned Vehicle
Sales Referral Program

We value referrals from our customers so much that we will Pay You for the Referral, Credit your Service Account or Discount Your Purchase on any of our In-Stock Vehicle Purchase!

How it works:

Refer family and friends to Ensign Pacific Chrysler - make sure they let us know they have been referred to us so we can add your name to their file or submit a referral by completing the form below.

Once the vehicle has been delivered, you can earn $250.00 cash or credit on your service account of $350.00 or discount of $750.00 for the purchase on any of our New or Pre-Owned In-Stock Vehicles.

The best part of this program is that there no limitations as to how many people you can refer!!!
We have automatically entered you into the referral program and we will be texting you a reminder of this program from time to time.

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