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When to do a Winter Tire Change-Over?

When to do a Winter Tire Change-Over?

When To Do A Winter Tire Change-Over?

When shopping for a great vehicle for navigating winter roads, you should consider a model from our new inventory at Ensign Pacific Chrysler. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and extend our services to those from the surrounding areas of Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Sunset. Although we have many models with advanced drivetrains that handle winter conditions well, opting for winter tires can be a good way to maximize your driving safety and control.

Benefits Of Using Winter Tires During Winter

Your vehicle should be equipped with winter tires during the harsh winter season to ensure maximum control and traction as you venture through roads covered in snow, slush, and ice. Winter tires have special tread, rubber compound, and overall design that makes them superior for driving through winter. However, you must know when to use your winter tire set to gain maximum benefit while avoiding premature tire wear.

Ideal Time For Installing Winter Tires

Knowing when to install your winter tires is an essential part of vehicle ownership since it can impact how your vehicle handles and the rate of tire wear. It's recommended that winter tires are installed onto a vehicle once temperatures constantly remain under seven degrees Celsius since that's the optimal temperature for the rubber compound of winter tires. However, you don't want to drive through the summer with winter tires since the rubber compound will be too soft, resulting in faster tire wear.

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Be sure to contact us to learn about winter tires, when to install them, and other helpful information about vehicle ownership. Our dealership's Service Centre is ready to support your varying automotive needs, including a winter tire changeover.

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