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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Car Care Tips in Vancouver, BC

Winter is typically a difficult season for most car owners. It can easily cause vehicle damage, resulting in additional maintenance costs. As you prepare for this harsh season, here are some tips to keep your car safe and running at full performance.

Consider New Tires

Since the roads are slippery in winter, you should consider buying new tires for your vehicle to stay safe while on the road. In particular, you may want to invest in a set of winter tires specifically designed to provide better traction and performance during cold-weather driving.

Clean Your Interior

Winter is also harsh on the interior of your vehicle. Without regular cleaning, mud, snow, and ice melt can build up and damage your interior carpeting. To add protection, consider investing in rubber floor mats.

Check Your Battery Level

Cold winter weather affects a car's battery. Cold temperatures reduce its cranking power by nearly half. Remove the plastic caps from it and inspect the fluid level to determine its condition. If it falls below the recommended level or your battery is older than five years old, visit a Service Centre for maintenance.

Check Your Wiper Blades

You don't want to go through winter with underperforming wiper blades. Consider purchasing a new pair to ensure you can see well on the road. You can also find winter windshield wipers that have a protective layer that allows them to avoid freezing and continue working in cold weather.

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